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400th Auction

Celebrating with Art's Biggest Names

Munich, 30 October, 2012, (kk) Alexej von Jawlensky, Max Liebermann, Roy Lichtenstein and Gerhard Richter to name but a few of the important artists represented with their masterpieces in the 400th auction at Ketterer Kunst on 8 December.


Alexej von Jawlensky - Wasserburg. Oil on board. Around 1906. 27,8 x 52 cm (10.9 x 20.4 in). Estimate: € 200.000-300.000

The focal points will be on

1. Modern Art and 2. Post War / Contemporary Art

On 1. Modern Art
This section is led by Hermann Pechstein's impressive work "Die Quelle". The oil painting, estimated at € 300.000-500.000, is one of the artist's earliest paintings known of today. Made around an extremely important point of time, that is in 1906, when Pechstein joined the artist group "Die Brücke". The work, executed in Secessionist style, celebrates female beauty and its life-giving powers, its role as seducer, as goddess and as mother earth, as well as - and that is not least - as the artist's muse.

Next to Heinrich Campendonk's 1913 oil painting "Zwei Pferde", which masterly hovers between abstraction and figuration, it is Alexej von Jawlensky's "Wasserburg" from 1906 that is particularly captivating for it was executed in a characteristic color canon of shades of red and blue showing slight notions of purple. Both works will enter the race with estimates of € 200.000-300.000 each.

A little below this mark, with an estimate of € 180.000-240.000, is Max Liebermann's work "Aus dem Grunewald", from 1912, which conveys an excellent interplay of light and shade. The oil painting's special charm is in its sketch-like arrangement, delivering proof of Liebermann's great poise in creating drafts that already possess a definite statement. Several works by Gabriele Münter can be found among the top lots. The two landscape oil paintings "Kirche an der Ramsach" (estimate: € 150.000-200.000) and "Narvik Hafen" (estimate: € 120.000-150.000) are especially captivating.

To Emil Nolde, who is represented with almost a dozen works, the experience of nature was a heart matter. Taking the brush in order to create one of his flower watercolors (e.g. "Sonnenblumen und Rittersporn", estimate: € 120.000-160.000), he did so with the emphasis of a great admirer of nature's intensive colors. With his unique technique he time and again created exceptional works.

Yet another exciting lot is Egon Schiele's "Liebespaar", carrying an estimate of € 130.000-150.000. The erotic depiction, in which the artist neutralizes the scene's seemingly pornographic aspect with a clear linearity and duct, was dedicated to his friend and lather brother-in-law Anton Peschka. The fact that the motif did not speak against a dedication speaks for the friendship between the two artists.

Besides works by Heinrich Campendonk ("Mariä Verkündigung") and Franz Radziwill ("Dangast vom Meere aus"), both estimated with € 120.00-150.000, works by artists such as Ernst Barlach, Max Beckmann, Lyonel Feininger, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner and Auguste Rodin are also quite promising.

06/07 Nov. Hamburg Ketterer Kunst, Holstenwall 5
17/18 Nov. Frankfurt Galerie Barbara von Stechow, Feldbergstr. 28
20-22 Nov. Dusseldorf Ketterer Kunst, Malkstenstr. 11
24-30 Nov. Berlin Ketterer Kunst, Fasanenstr. 70
02-07 Dec. MunichKetterer Kunst, Joseph-Wild-Str. 18

08 December,       Modern Art
                              Post War / Contemporary Art

Since it was founded in 1954, Ketterer Kunst has been firmly established in the front ranks of auction houses dealing in fine art and rare books, with its headquarters in Munich and a branch in Hamburg. Gallery rooms in Berlin as well as representatives in Heidelberg, Dusseldorf and Modena (Italy) have contributed substantially to the company's success. In addition, exhibitions, special theme and charity auctions as well as online auctions are regular events at Ketterer Kunst. Robert Ketterer is auctioneer and owner of Ketterer Kunst.

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