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Sale: 429 / Post War / Contemporary Art, Dec. 04./05. 2015 in Munich Lot 967

Lot description
Dunkles Feld. 1980.
Nails and black paint on canvas, on wood.
Verso signed, twice signed, titled, inscribed and dedicated, as well as with an arrow indicating the direction. 60 x 60 x 16 cm (23.6 x 23.6 x 6.2 in).

PROVENANCE: Gabriele Waßermann, Munich.
Private collection Southern Germany.

The famous "Felder" are among Uecker's most sought-after nail pictures. Our both powerful and yet contemplative work "Dunkles Feld" from 1980 is a prime example from this work group: The nails are not arranged in a strictly symmetrical order, instead the artist was guided by instinct, the nails find their position on the canvas-coated wood like in a rush. Dynamic motion captures the rigid iron, creating a primal swirl remote from time on the squared image surface. A mystic force seems to guide the nails' gradients, mysteriously arranged by spiritual forces, they look like iron filings on a magnetic field. The deep blackness of "Dunkles Feld" seems like a magnet itself, capturing the observer's eye with an almost cosmic force, leading him to meditative insight - puristic aesthetics with a remarkable suggestive power
Günther Uecker
Dunkles Feld, 1980.
€ 150,000 / $ 169,500
€ 500,000 / $ 565.000

(incl. 25% surcharge)

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