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Tillmann Ziola
Bootstouristik, 2022.
4-color-Silkscreen on paper
Gallery sale: € 1,700 / $ 1,870
Bootstouristik. 2022.
4-color-Silkscreen on paper.
70 x 100 cm (27.5 x 39.3 in).

2015 Painting and sculpting class of Professor R. Kerbach
2018 Founding of publishing house Edition 502 together with R. Czolkoß and T.C. Ziola
2019 Joined the artist group Fehlformat
2020 Diploma from HfBk Dresden
2020 Master class student at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden
2022 Co-founder of the company KANTE - BAU
2022 Participation in the project Kunst & Krebs
2023 Degree in the master class of Prof. Ralf Kerbach
Artist Statement:
A work is an image. My goal is to create images. Whether a flat work like a two-dimensional painting, a three-dimensional sculpture or a spatial installation. An image results from the line of sight, from the point of view, which is partially variable. Image is not just the perception of pure form, color and dimensions. Image is also content. A picture is a statement. A picture speaks through form, color and size. It picks up, abstracts, contrasts, unmasks, concretizes, creates blur, asks a question. A staircase as a work differs from a staircase as an everyday hurdle. The picture, however, draws on the essence of the staircase. The work examines the stairs, goes up and down. The work looks at people sweating on the steps, looks at people slipping and breaking something on the way down. What are the people doing on the upper floor or the basement? This is what the work makes a picture of.
M23 Oktogon HfbK Dresden
Vomitorium SEGMENT, Hanse 3, Dresden (together with R. Czolkoß)
E502 Hilbertraum, Berlin (with the publisher Edition 502)
Fragmentarisch Kultur-Historisches Museum, Görlitz (together with R. Czolkoß)
Transit City Galerie OKO, Opava (CZ)
as far as I can Remeber Galerie HfBK Dresden
punktum / .um städitsche Galerie Viersen
Görlitzer Art im öffentlichen Raum, Görlitz together with R. Czolkoß)
Room Boom Schkeuditz (together with KGFehlformat)
Besetzung 1 Freiraum in Dobritz Dresden
Prospektive Akademie der Künste Vienna
Tragfläche Senatssaal Dresden (together with R. Czolkoß)
Sprungturmfestival Darmstadt
Kurztheaterspektakel Jena
Waschecht Blaue Fabrik Dresden
Derealisation EX14 Dresden
SMS Stadt Galerie Radebeul
Interventionen Kunsthaus Dahlem Berlin

Tillmann Ziola
Bootstouristik, 2022.
4-color-Silkscreen on paper
Gallery sale: € 1,700 / $ 1,870