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Sale: 451 / Post War I, June 10. 2017 in Munich Lot 848

Lot description
Ohne Titel (Knüpfung). 1980s.
Mixed media. Dispersion, burlap, knotted pebbles.
Lower right signed. ca. 144 x 100 cm (56.6 x 39.3 in).

Accompanied by a photo expertise issued by Emmy de Martelaere, Paris, from 21st March 2016. The work is registered at the archive Herbert Zangs with the number 2150.

As far as the style is concerned our work is part of the group called "Einknüpfungen" (Knottings), made as of 1953. They emphasize the haptic-rhythmical aspect. In this composition Zangs groups pebbles on top of one another and side by side, fixating them in the coarse canvas by means of a string. The works interpretation is implied by the structural arrangement and yet remains open, so that the work's different aspects appear only through the observer's subjective perception. [EL]
Herbert Zangs
Ohne Titel (Knüpfung), 1980.
Mixed media
€ 12,000 / $ 14,400
€ 15,000 / $ 18.000

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