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Sale: 458 / Post War II, Dec. 08. 2017 Lot 117000612

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Das Bild für die Vater. (Remix). 2007.
Watercolor and India ink.
Signed and dated "22.IX 07". Verso inscribed "5696" in pencil by a hand other than that of the artist. 50 x 65.5 cm (19.6 x 25.7 in), size of sheet.

PROVENANCE: Galerie Bo Bjerggaard, Copenhagen.

In his 'Remix' works Georg Baselitz takes on themes from earlier periods of creation. The work "Das Bild für die Väter (Remix)" [Picture for the Fathers] references the painting "Bild für die Väter" from 1965, shown in early 2017 in the exhibiton "Georg Baselitz - The Heros" at Moderna Museet, Stockholm. It depicts the difficult parent-children situation of the post-war generation. The grave atmosphere of the work from 1965 gives way to a lighter mood realized by a different choice of colors and material in this work.

Georg Baselitz
Das Bild für die Vater. (Remix), 2007.
€ 20,000 - 30,000

$ 22,400 - 33,600


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