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Sale: 461 / Post War I, Dec. 09. 2017 in Munich Lot 812

Lot description
Lichtrelief. 1965.
Object . Aluminum relief on wood.
Not in Honisch. Verso signed, dated and dedicated "für Herrn Spindel" as well as with an arrow indicating the direction. 82.5 x 30 cm (32.4 x 11.8 in).

Accompanied by a certificate from Atelier Mack, Mönchengladbach, August 2017.

PROVENANCE: Collection Ferdinand Spindel, Halfmannshof/Gelsenkirchen (obtained directly from the artist).
Private collection Southern Germany (acquired from aforementioned in 1973).

"Art should be accessible for everyone and it should be a gain, light is definitely part of that."
Heinz Mack in: "Ich liebe die Farbe", in a talk with Hans Pietsch, art, February 20, 2015

Called up: December 9, 2017 - ca. 15.58 h +/- 20 min.

Heinz Mack, next to Oto Piene and Günther Uecker one of the most important ZERO protagonists, describes the inspirational moment for his ever new impressive light reliefs that are characterized by reduced aesthetics as follows: "An unexpected opportunity to visualize aesthetic motion coincidentally occurred when I stepped onto a thin metal foil lying on a sisal carpet. When I picked up the foil the light was vibrating. Since the carpet was factory-made, the impression remained mechanic and decorative; the motion of the reflected light was entirely dull and unimportant. My metal reliefs, I prefer calling them light reliefs, formed by just the pressure from my fingers, need light instead of colors to come alive. Owed to the mirror-like polish a slight relief is enough to shake the the light's calmness and to make it vibrate. The potential beauty of these structures makes for a pure expression of the beauty of light." (Quote after: Dieter Daniels and Barbara John, Collection Cremer I, 1991, pp. 142-143). [JS]
Heinz Mack
Lichtrelief, 1965.
€ 50,000 - 70,000

$ 58,500 - 81,900


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Heinz Mack - Lichtrelief - Back side
Back side
Heinz Mack - Lichtrelief - Frame image
Frame image
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