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Sale: 470 / Post War I, June 09. 2018 in Munich Lot 955

Lot description
Farbfeld. 1986.
Oil and acrylic on panel.
Verso signed, dated, titled and inscribed, as well as with two direction arrows. 60 x 202 cm (23.6 x 79.5 in).
The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam shows the exhibition "Günther Förg A Fragile Beauty" from May 26 - October 14, 2018.

The work is registered at the archive with the number WVF.86.B.0572. We are grateful to Michael Neff of Estate Günther Förg for his kind confirmation of this work's authenticity.

PROVENANCE: PPS Galerie, FC Gundlach, Hamburg.
Galerie Max Hetzler, Cologne.
Museum Haus Lange, Krefeld.
Luhring Augustine & Hodes Gallery, New York (verso with the label).
Barbara Mathes Gallery, New York (verso with the label).
Auction at Ketterer Kunst on November 29, 1993, auction 193, lot 103.
Private collection Baden-Württemberg.

Förg conciously does without narrative elements and tries to create the picture from the pictorial attitude. Barnett Newman, Piet Mondrian and Blinky Palermo are often named as his reference points. The artist places a series of well thought out color fields in a basic pattern that changes depending on format, every single picture has a color rhythm characterized by a high measure of both artistic and physical concentration. With our work the German painter, sculptor and photo artist has created five fields that stand side by side in narrow landscape format. The light colors in left stand in clear contrast to the dark colors in right. They are separated by the red part in center. The work seems aloof and clinical, the design reduced to a minimum. The absence of separating lines leaves the colors in direct relation. The brushstrokes become visible on closer inspection, however, they are applied much more finely graduated than it is the case with many other works. Nevertheless, forward- and sideways motion, the up and down of the brush can still be observed. [SM]
Günther Förg
Farbfeld, 1986.
€ 90,000 / $ 103,500
€ 187,500 / $ 215.624

(incl. 25% surcharge)

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