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Sale: 479 / Classics of the 20th Century I, Dec. 08. 2018 in Munich Lot 867

Lot description
Light-Disk (Light Box). 1966.
Mixed media . Nails on canvas on wooden disc, in wooden box with plexiglass disc. With illumination and electric motor.
Honisch 504. Verso signed, dated and titled "Lichtkasten" as well as with direction arrow and inscription "OBEN". 80 x 80 x 20 cm (31.4 x 31.4 x 7.8 in) . Diameter of movable disc: ca. 60 cm.

This motor-powered light disc is one of the very rare works of this type on the international auction market. A large part of these works, which are very significant for the ZERO movement, are in posession of public collections like the Kunstmuseum Düsseldorf, the Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen and the Museum Boymans - van Beunigen, Rotterdam.
This work is registered in the Uecker Archiv under the number GU.66.036 and will be noted for inclusion in the forthcoming Uecker Catalogue Raisonné.

LITERATURE: Lothar Wolleh (editor), Uecker, eine Dokumenation mit Texten von Günther Uecker, Cologne 1970/71, no page.
Von der Abstraktion zum Informel, Galerie Werner und Elke Zimmer, Düsseldorf September 3 - November 24, 1979, with black and white illu on the catalog's rear.
"I think we must have the courage to explore and to show what we don't know yet, to visualize the creative impulse that has not yet been shaped by history - the patina of idealization."
Günther Uecker, 1982, quote after: Dieter Honisch, Günther Uecker eine Retrospektive, Kunsthalle der Hypokulturstiftung, Munich June 19 - August 15, 1993, no page.

Motor-driven nail objects are very rare in Uecker’s artistic creation, however, they occupy a key position, predominantly in form rotating light discs, and illuminated light boxes. These early and art-historically relevant works did not only prepare the path for the motif of the sand spirals, expressions of a concept of continuous motion, they also mark the de-individualization of the characteristic artistic script, as well as the continuous variation of their optical appearance. In 1961 Uecker wrote the following about his work in the art magazine "ZERO": "I employ mechanical means [,] to overcome the subjective gesture, to be objective, to create a situation of freedom." (Quote from: Günther Uecker, Porträt Mensch, Vienna 2016, p. 88). The usage of the nail, to Uecker the number one auxiliary means in overcoming any form of subjective gesture, soon became - in a certain way almost paradox – his very own artistic trademark. The nails are also Uecker’s contribution to the two joint works "Weisse Lichtmühle" (Whit Light Mill) and "Silbermühle" (Silver Mill) from 1964, made in cooperation with the two fellow "ZERO" artists Heinz Mack and Otto Piene, which were also shown at several "ZERO" exhibitions the same year. In 1964 Uecker visited New York for the first time and showed works with Piene and Mack at the Howard Wise Gallery. Motivated by his success in the USA, he rented his own studio in New York in 1965. Uecker’s famous motor-driven work "New York Dancer" (1965) was made in this context. The metal cloth- and nail-coated stele, executed in four different variants, revolves around its own axis and spreads out more or less depending on its speed. The first version of this work still is in possession of the artist.
With our early light box the effect of the work‘s continuous change in the eye of the observer is based on the discs rotation and increased through the integrated illumination, as the natural light in combination with the electrical luminous element make for a changeful play of shade formations. This optical challenge is particularly fascinating for the observer. [JS]
Günther Uecker
Light-Disk (Light Box), 1966.
Mixed media
Post auction sale: € 300,000 / $ 345,000

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Günther Uecker - Light-Disk (Light Box) -
Günther Uecker - Light-Disk (Light Box) -
Günther Uecker - Light-Disk (Light Box) -
Günther Uecker - Light-Disk (Light Box) -
Günther Uecker - Light-Disk (Light Box) -
Günther Uecker - Light-Disk (Light Box) -
Günther Uecker - Light-Disk (Light Box) -
Günther Uecker - Light-Disk (Light Box) -
Günther Uecker - Light-Disk (Light Box) -
Günther Uecker - Light-Disk (Light Box) -
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