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Sale: 437 / Post War I, Dec. 10. 2016 in Munich Lot 865

Lot description
Farbraumkörper. 1989.
Object. Thinned acrylic paint on cushioned linen cloth.
Verso signed and dated. 95 x 93 cm (37.4 x 36.6 in).

PROVENANCE: Private collection Munich (acquired directly from the artist).

A year before this work was made Gotthard Graubner created the two huge mural "Begegnungen" for the official residence of the German president at Bellevue Palace in Berlin. Kept in purple and yellow, they adorn the two front ends of the grand ballroom up until today. While Graubner covered his early cushion pictures with delicate nylon gauze, he used a firmer linen cloth padded with cotton wool for his later large-size "Farbraumkorper". The color application, which creates a cloudy color depth, is carried out onto the image carrier that is spread out on the ground with different broom-like brushes. It requires several drying stages and a particular compositional sensitivity, in order to attain the complexity and depth of the single color values and to create a color space body with an oscillating effect and a unique aesthetic presence as it is the case with this wonderful work in deep purple.
Gotthard Graubner
Farbraumkörper, 1989.
€ 80,000 / $ 90,400
€ 193,750 / $ 218.937

(incl. 25% surcharge)

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Gotthard Graubner - Farbraumkörper - Back side
Back side
Gotthard Graubner - Farbraumkörper -
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