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Sale: 457 / Modern Art II, Dec. 07. 2017 in Munich Lot 73

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Secession 49. Ausstellung. 1918.
Lithograph in colors . Poster with letters for the group exhibition of the Vienna Secession, March 1918.
Kallier Graphik 15 b (of b). Signed and dated in printing template. From an edition of unknown print run. On thin yellowish poster paper. 64 x 48 cm (25.1 x 18.8 in). Sheet: 67,5 x 53 cm ( 26,5 x 20,8 in).
Printed by Albert Berger, Vienna (with printer's note).
Only very few copies from the original edition have been preserved, since all copies used for advertising are likely to be lost.
3 posters by Egon Schiele are known, however, this composition is the only one that was not only treated photomechanically. Apart from the photomechanically prepared black stone, the artist painted the two color stones. [EH].

PROVENANCE: Galerie La Boétie, New York (with label on frame covering).

LITERATURE: Otto Kallir, Egon Schiele, 1970, pp.17ff. and 30ff.
"The usage of lithographic chalks and India ink is not so much the technique of a professional lithographer, instead it suggests a more liberal treatment by the hand of the artist himself."
Prof. Dr. Florian Danner, Vienna, in Kallir: 1970, pp. 30f.

Egon Schiele
Secession 49. Ausstellung, 1918.
Lithograph in colors
€ 12,000 / $ 13,560
€ 13,750 / $ 15.537

(incl. 25% surcharge)

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