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Sale: 461 / Post War I, Dec. 09. 2017 in Munich Lot 891

Lot description
Anima Mundi 23-2 (2-teilig). 2016.
Acrylic on aluminum.
One signed and dated. Each with a label, there typographically titled and inscribed. Unique object. Each 37 x 29 cm (14.5 x 11.4 in).

PROVENANCE: Private collection Rhineland.

The two-part work offered here comes from the series"Anima Mundi", which Imi Knoebel began to work on in 2010. It is particularly convincing for the radiant energy it emanates, as well as for the harmonious and high-contrast color composition. In the series, which consists of up to five parts in different color combinations, Knoebel makes obvious use of the brushstroke in order to make the surface‘s formal structure accessible. The work‘s title "Weltseele" (World Soul) references one of the key philosophical concepts of occidental metaphysics: "One may find not more than just a playful coincidence of a mere title that offers little meaning and which literally remains on the surface. Therefore I recommend to just indulge in observing these pictures, which, if it works out, can indeed take you to the cosmos of a non-representational thinking; a kind of thinking for which these pictures, strictly speaking, can only be an external cause." (Quote from Martin Schulz, in: cat. Imi Knoebel. Werke 1966-2014, released by Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg, Bielefeld 2014, p. 201).
Imi Knoebel
Anima Mundi 23-2 (2-teilig), 2016.
€ 40,000 / $ 45,200
€ 60,000 / $ 67.800

(incl. 25% surcharge)

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Imi Knoebel - Anima Mundi 23-2 (2-teilig) -
Imi Knoebel - Anima Mundi 23-2 (2-teilig) -
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