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Sale: 489 / Evening Sale, June 07. 2019 in Munich Lot 141

Lot description
Untitled. 2005.
From an edition of 6 copies. 62 x 12 x 22.5 cm (24.4 x 4.7 x 8.8 in).

- Poetic artistic language in shape of a crescent moon.
- Appealing materiality-
- Rare art work on the German auction market

PROVENANCE: Lisson Gallery, London.
Private collection Belgium
Private collection Europe.

Bright and immaculate, powerful yet airy and in a floating make, the ”Untitled“ work offered here is a prime example of the sensual and elegant works by Anish Kapoor. In comparison with most of his other projects, this work from 2005 is almost gentle and particularly captivating for its formal clarity. The British artist of Indian descent once more delivers proof of his infinite ability to apply his artistic language to both monumental and intimate dimensions. What all his works have in common is a tension-filled dualism that finds expression on both a physical and a psychological level, confronting the observer with opposites such as volume and emptiness, light and darkness, weight and airiness as well as presence and absence. In our crescent-shaped work intended for wall mounting the Turner-Prize winner combines the classic material of the bronze with modern color varnish accents. He says the following about his works: ”Color has the ability to change things and to turn them to other things. Its imagery offers a wide variety, which makes it so tremendously interesting for me“ (quote from: Kritisches Lexikon der Gegenwartskunst, S. 6.). He brought his fascination for pigments with him from India, as color is omnipresent in everyday life there, usually in its most intensive form. The artist realizes the glossy surface through a diligent application of several dozen layers of varnish. A process that requires a maximum of perfection and at the same time serves as an instrument for reflection. Kapoor began making mirror works as of the mid 1990s. Just as it is the case with ”Untitled“ from 2005, most of his earlier works come in concave and convex shape, so that the observer finds a warped reflection of himself and the surrounding space on the shiny surface. The forms, reduced to their most simple expressions, offer the observer space for reflection and contemplation. Art mirrors the world, we see the world with different eyes through the mirror of art. Western art movements of the 1960s, which he was occupied with during his studies in London, as well as the artistic heritage of his home country encouraged the artist to make sculptures that go beyond the mere examination of forms. The artist sees their objective in the unity of sensuousness and religiousness. A painter who uses the method of a sculptor, that is how Anish Kapoor defines his artistic position. Kapoor successfully combines aspects like absence, transformation and immateriality, which at first sight seem incompatible with the sculpture’s physicalness. His sculptures have an imaginary dimension, thus creating an abstract-poetical oeuvre that is particularly impressive for its spirituality and transcendence. On occasion of its sixtieth anniversary, the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London organized an exhibition with an auction of works donated by acknowledged British artists. The Institute itself called it a ”rare gathering of key figures of international Contemporary Art“. It is little surprising that we find, next to the contributions from Jenny Holzer, Peter Blake, Thomas Struth and Damien Hirst, a donation from Kapoor that came from the ”Untitled“ edition. [CE]
Anish Kapoor
Untitled, 2005.
Post auction sale: € 80,000 / $ 90,400

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Anish Kapoor - Untitled -
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