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Gerhard Hoehme
Muddle, 1982.
Acrylic on canvas with PE string
€ 15,000 - 20,000

$ 17,550 - 23,400

Lot description
Muddle. 1982.
Acrylic on canvas with PE string.
Hoehme 82-03. Signed and dated in lower right. Verso signed, dated, titled and inscribed. Canvas: 160 x 160 cm (62.9 x 62.9 in). Total dimensions ca. 185 x 160 cm (72,9 x 63 in).

• Large-size work that extends the image space into the third dimension through the use of plastic strings.
• Marvelous document of Hoehme's art-historically relevant contribution to the concept of the "open image".
• Fine combination of Hoehme's gestural-informal painting of the 1950s and his later ambitions to delimit the image space.
• Hoehme is one of the main representatives of German Informalism and the creator of one of the most unique and most versatile works of German Post War Art

PROVENANCE: Deutsche Bank Collection.

EXHIBITION: Kunst aktuell, Städtische Kunsthalle, Mannheim 1986.

"The string is a sort of antenna. It emerges from the picture towards the observer [..] thus bridging the distance between observer and picture, taking the observer into the picture. This way the picture is no longer some kind of strange object. There is a transition between image space and our real world [..]"
Walter Biemel, in: Begegnung mit Gerhard Hoehme, ex. cat. Düsseldorf 1992, p. 91.


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