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Renée Sintenis
Junge mit Böckchen, 1949.
Bronze with brown patina. On marble base
€ 12,000 - 15,000

$ 14,040 - 17,550

Lot description
Junge mit Böckchen. 1949.
Bronze with brown patina. On marble base.
Buhlmann 74. Sintenis/ Ladwig 195. Right heel with monogram and rear margin of plinth with foundry mark "Noack Berlin". Height without base: 29 cm (11.4 in). Base: 1,5 x 9 x 7,5 cm (0,6 x 3,5 x 3 in).
• One of the variations of the theme "Junge mit Tier", a key field of interest in Sintenis' late period of creation.
• Sintenis interpretation of a Christlian shepherd figure.
• Renee Sintenis is one of the 20th century's first financially independent female sculptors

PROVENANCE: Private Collection North Germany.

EXHIBITION: Each presumably different copy:
Rénee Sintensis. Das Plastische Werk, Zeichnungen, Graphik, Haus am Waldsee, Berlin, March 19 - April 27, 1958.
Berliner Künstler, Malerei. Grafik. Plastik, Münsterschule, Bonn, July 27 - August 27, 1950.
Spring exhibition, Galerie Alex Vömel, Düsseldorf, 1950.
Rénee Sintensis, Galerie Alex Vömel, Düsseldorf, 1952.
Professor Renée Sintenis. Das plastische Werk, Zeichnungen und Graphik. Johann Michael Wilm. Ein Altmeister der deutschen Goldschmiedekunst, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, Lindau/Bregenz, August/September 1961.

LITERATURE: Presumably different copy:
Hanna Kiel, Renée Sintensis, Berlin, 1956, illu. on p. 95.

Called up: December 12, 2020 - ca. 17.19 h +/- 20 min.


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