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Joseph Beuys
Lieferschein, 1946.
Mixed media on wax paper laid on machine-made l...
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Lot description
Lieferschein. 1946.
Mixed media on wax paper laid on machine-made laid paper.
Monogrammed in lower right of image (barely legible) and inscribed "Josef Beuys 1946" in lower right. 33.5 x 24 cm (13.1 x 9.4 in).
Horst Egon Kalinowski and Joseph Beuys studied together at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. [EH].

PROVENANCE: Collection Horst Egon Kalinowski (obtained as present in 1946).

"yes, that's the only option you have"
Hanns Lamers, early companion of Joseph Beuys, about Beuys' works.

Called up: June 19, 2021 - ca. 12.00 h +/- 20 min.

Our sheet is an extraordinarily early example of the special choice of materials in Joseph Beuys' oeuvre. He soaked the delivery note sheet with grease and drew on it. The printed reverse side appears as a negative form on the drawing side of the sheet; the text becomes part of the pictorial content and the creation of the work becomes the subject of the picture. Joseph Beuys made use of these unusual materials and the completely new use of materials as early as in 1946, shortly after he began to study at the art academy. In the first few years after he had returned from war captivity, he was supported by the two Kleve artists Walter Brüx and Hanns Lamers and exhibited with them at the Kleve Künstlerbund. Even then, Joseph Beuys' works were everything but ordinary. Lamers comments on this with the words "yes, that's the only option you have" (quote from: G. Adriani et al., Beuys, 1981, p. 29). And this hit the mark: Joseph Beuys can only express himself through the use of these unusual materials. [EH]

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