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Sol Namgung
Fatigue II, 2023.
Oil on canvas
Gallery sale: € 3,700 / $ 4,070
Fatigue II. 2023.
Oil on canvas.
100 x 85 cm (39.3 x 33.4 in).

2010-2011 English at Kangwon National University, Korea
2011 Art History (semester abroad) at University of Minnesota, USA
2015-2020 Diplom at Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden, Germany (Interdisciplinary/ experimental painting, Prof. Christian Sery)
2020-2023 Student in the master class of (Prof. Christian Sery) at HfBK Dresden, Germany

Artist Statement:
Certain uncertainty
Everything on the canvas is symbolized imagery. Images are certain, but the stories contained therein are uncertain. Or the other way around. The images reflect the composition of certain perceptions described in colors and shapes. The colors reveal temperature and atmosphere. The silhouettes embody the forms. And the texture of the colors is the time and motion of the painting. What I saw creates what I haven’t seen yet. The newly created images reconstruct my vision. The figures and things from outside turn into the composition of colors and shapes inside of me. Pictures are my perception. The painting itself is a conversation about the world as it is perceived. When I shine a light on it, it casts its own shadow. Art is the shadow of one's own.

Master class studies final exhibition at "M23", HfBK Dresden
Artst collective "ROUND EDGES", Tanke, Hanover
solo show "Figur und Ding", Kunstforum Markert, Hamburg
group show "Circle", CICA Museum, Gimpo, Korea
8. Künstlermesse Deutsches Hygiene Museum, Dresden
Eb-Dietzsch Prize for painting (nominee), Sparkasse Gera-Greiz, Gera
group show "Vom Überschreiten/ Transitioning", Kunsthalle Oktogon, HfBK Dresden
group show "Bilder heute, Welten morgen", Horror Vacui, Leipzig
duo show "Schribbles on Tension", Galerie Stephanie Kelly, Dresden
group show Künstlerhaus Eisenhammer, Schlepzig
Künstlerkollektiv hrrrrrrr "Du bist unbegrenzt", Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz, Dresden
group show "Freiheit, frei zu sein", Kunsthalle Bahnitz, Bahnitz
group show "OPEN(CLOSED) 24/7", curated by Ursula Susanne Buchart, Alte Feuerwache Loschwitz, Dresden
Artist collective hrrrrrrr "housesillyweare", Brühlsche Galerie, HfBK Dresden
Diploma exhibition, Oktogon, HfBK Dresden
group show "Besetzung 1", Breitscheidstr. 78, Dresden
group show "schwebe ichmirmich", Kunsthalle Kraftwerk Mitte, Dresden
group show "WASSER ODER WODKA", Senatssaal, HfBK Dresden
solo show "OPEN ENDING", EX14, Dresden
group show "LEBENS_ZEIT_RAUM", Kunsthalle Bahnitz, Bahnitz
group show "LIPSIUS VIBES", Lipsiusbau, Dresden
Berlin Graphic Days #8, Urban Spree, Berlin
Scholarships / Residencies:
2022 artist residency (December 2022), OÖ Gastatelier in Salzamt in Linz, Austria (residency stipend from Land Oberösterreich)
2022 7. Eb-Dietzsch Prize (nominee), Germany
2021 artist residency (July 2021), Gaesteatelier Hollufgård in Odense, Denmark (residency stipend from Künstlerhaus Lukas)
2021 Kunstfestival “Aquamediale 14”, Schlepzig, Germany
2020 sponsorship from Fondazione Silene Giannini, Switzerland
2020 DNN art auction in Dresden, Germany
2020-2023 Sächsisches Landesstipendium for master course at HfBK Dresden, Germany
since 2020 artist collective “hrrrrrrr”
2019 DNN art auction in Dresden, Germany
2019 exchange scholarship from Künstlerhaus Lukas, Germany
2019 DAAD Stibet Stipendium for foreign students, Germany

Sol Namgung
Fatigue II, 2023.
Oil on canvas
Gallery sale: € 3,700 / $ 4,070