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Annika Stoll
Soft Encounters, 2022.
Soft Sculpture, installation, various textiles ...
Gallery sale: € 6,000 / $ 6,600
Soft Encounters. 2022.
Soft Sculpture, installation, various textiles and fillers, dimensions and installation variable.
Edition 01. Recumbent ca. 55 x 380 cm (21.6 x 149.6 in).
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2011 - 16 Studies Fine Arts (interdisciplinary and experimental painting), Dresden University of Fine Arts
2020 Diploma in Media Art, Leipzig University of Applied Sciences
2020 - 2023 Master student of Isabel Lewis (since 2021, class for performing arts) and Alba D'Urbano (2020 – 2021, Intermedia class), Leipzig University of Applied Sciences
since 2021 part of the studio community Kombinat e.V., Halle 14, Spinnerei Leipzig
2022 founding member of Catwings Space, an initiative for relational, situational and performative art and research in Leipzig, together with Steph Joyce and Theresa Zwerschke.
Artist Statement:
The textile sculpture consists of individual, machine- and hand-sewn, tentacle-like elements that are rearranged with each installation so that they constantly evolve. Fantasies about gentle forms of encounter and togetherness take on form and invite you to dream and gently touch them.
The installation also includes self-produced, synthetic sounds and digital animations, which are variably integrated into the installation via headphones and projections or screens. By bringing the different elements together and making the sound accessible via headphones, an immersive situation is created that encourages immersion in a gentle and sensitive mode of being.
With the flexibility of the work, I orientate myself on the octopus, my symbolic companion, which is itself in a state of permanent change, as it continuously adapts to its environment with skin, texture and external form. I adapt this property for the textile sculpture and tailor it according to the site-specific environment of each installation.
Exhibitions (selection):
membra(I)nes, 12th Annual Conference of the Society for Gender Studies, Halle/Leipzig (June 23)
Book, Body, Play, Halle 14, Baumwollspinnerei Leipzig (April 23)
Expect the Unexpected / Student Reels - aktuelle Konzepte für Fotografie, Kunstmuseum Bonn
Itinérrances - Uncertainties, Institut für Zukunft (Technoclub), as part of the Leipzig Literarischer Herbst
Mixed Reality Weekend Society, Objekt klein a (techno club), Dresden
Studio no. 66, PACT Zollverein, Essen
Outside the Cave, Hilbertraum Berlin (duo exhibition with Patricia Detmering)
Made by Desire, 5th Wrong Biennale (online pavilion)
Emergency Break, Neuer Sächsicher Kunstverein, Albrechtsburg Meissen
Zukunftsvisionen, Oktogon, Görlitz
Fluid Circumstances, Zner Kunstraum, Leipzig (solo)
Palindromes, Palazzo Ziino, Palermo
Anniversary exhibition, Starke Foundation, Berlin
You're not my real sun, group exhibition, A&O Kunsthalle Leipzig, with Steph Joyce,
Nina Schwarzenberger and Theresa Zwerschke
D O G S, Staatstheater Nürnberg, Museumsnacht Nürnberg (nominated for the Art Prize of the
Museum Night Nuremberg)
Tracing Utopia, Zentrum für Kunst im öffentlichen Raum, Berlin
Interventionen, Kunsthaus Dahlem, Berlin

Annika Stoll
Soft Encounters, 2022.
Soft Sculpture, installation, various textiles ...
Gallery sale: € 6,000 / $ 6,600