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Stefan Schleupner
Radioprofil 1_183-300, 2020.
Ink on paper
Gallery sale: € 5,600 / $ 6,160
Radioprofil 1_183-300. 2020.
Ink on paper.
173 x 107 cm (68.1 x 42.1 in).

Radioprofil is a machine that transfers radio waves into images. An antena receives the electromagnetic waves and transforms then into motion in real time. By means of a pen, motion is captured on the paper. The waves have their origin in, among others, weather phenomena, sun eruptions and cosmic noise. Structures and motions that surround us and have an impact on our everyday life without us actually noticing, are visualized by menas of this gadget.
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Diploma fine arts | HFBK Dresden / Prof. Carsten Nicolai
post graduate studies fine arts / Prof. Ohad Fishof, Prof. Miri Segal
Bezalel Academy Jerusalem
Master student fine arts (post-graduate) | HFBK Dresden | Professor Carsten Nicolai
Artist Statement:
In my artistic practice, I explore the relationships and connections between image, space and sound and how they are perceived by the viewer. I work with natural phenomena and events that surround us every day, such as the movement of air, sound, magnetism or light - the building blocks of our environment.
Many of these phenomena and their interaction elude our conscious perception. Translating these phenomena into a sensually comprehensible image determines the essence of my artistic work.
My practice is characterized by misappropriation, I use functional objects for other functions or link the functions to new chains of causality. This approach enables me to find the unexpected and to make imperceptible phenomena comprehensible. A strong curiosity is the driving force behind this occupation with these phenomena.
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Stefan Schleupner
Radioprofil 1_183-300, 2020.
Ink on paper
Gallery sale: € 5,600 / $ 6,160