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Sale: 366 / Rare Books including Marine Art, May 17./18. 2010 in Hamburg Lot 257

Hieronymus Bock - Kreutterbuch, 1595

Lot description
Bock, H., Kreütterbuch .. Item von den vier Elementen, zamen und wilden Thieren, auch Vöglen und Fischen, Milch, Käß, Butter, Honig .. Hernacher mit vilen nutzlichen Experimenten gemehret, durch den M. Sebizium .. Sampt sechs nützlichen Registern. With ca. 570 woodcuts in the text (some colored), most by David Kandel. Strasbourg, J. Rihel 1595. Contemp. vellum. Folio. 33 (of 36) unnumb., 470 numb., 6 (of 24) unnumb. ll.

VD 16, B 6025 and B 6007. - Index Aurel. 120.601. - BM STC, German Books p. 130. - Nissen 182. - Muller 532, 266. - Cf. Weiss 427 and Horn/Arndt 21. - Not in Adams. - Fifth edition of the renowned herbal made by Melchior Sebitz, altogether the 14th and one but last. The fourth part (ll. 420-470) contains the Teutsche Speißkammer , in which numerous agricultural products, foods, drinks and spices are described. The Speißkammer was first released as a separate work in 1550 (cf. Cagle 85), as of 1577 Bock used this treatise in his herbal. "His humorous way of describing was quite popular, just as his genre-like figures, which his drawer made in the style of Weiditz, but even more after Meyer and Füllmaurer." (translation of quote from Nissen, Kräuterb. p. 44) - Lacking 3 preliminary leaves, among them the portrait and the armorial woodcut, as well as 18 ll. at the end. - Slightly stained in places and with isolated traces of damp, upper corners mended (isolated minor loss of printed matter), last 20 ll. remargined (loss of printed matter), few ll. with marginal blemishes, title mounted, some marginalia and ink scribblings. Binding somewhat stained and with traces of scraping in places, inner joints going.

Fifth edition by M. Sebitz. The 4th part contains the 'Speißkammer' describing food and spices. With ca. 570 woodcuts in text (few colored), mostly by David Kandel. Contemp. vellum. - Lacking 3 leaves of the prelims (incl. portrait and coat-of-arms) and 18 index-leaves at end. - Partly slight staining, here and there waterstained, upper corner mostly mended (few affecting text), last 20 leaves remargined (affecting printed matter), few leaves with marg. defects, title mounted, some old marginalia and ink scribbling. Binding somewhat stained and with some traces of cutting, inner hinges loosened.

Hieronymus Bock
Kreutterbuch, 1595
€ 800 / $ 904
€ 1,260 / $ 1.423

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