On Dwarfs, Art Critics and Beauties
Munich School and
French Graphic Art
Franz von Defregger
Die Weihnachtsgabe. Oil on canvas. 1885. 47,5 x 97 cm (18.7 x 38.1 in),
Estimate: € 25.000-35.000
Munich, 17 October, 2012, (kk) – Ranging from the five drudging dwarfs that Franz von Defregger staged with great poise to the six contemplating art critics by Honor&ecute; Daumier, the auction Old Masters & Art of the 19th Century at Ketterer Kunst in Munich on 23 November, 2012 has a wide array of exciting art to offer.
Each estimated with € 25.000-35.000, Hermann Corrodi's work "Nächtlicher Aufstieg am Berg Athos" from around 1880 and Franz von Defregger's "Die Weihnachtsgabe" share the auction's pole position. Both works are particularly captivating for their unusual format. But where Corrodi's work is especially striking for its dramatic lighting effects, Defregger's painting fascinates the observer through its unusual motif of dwarfs preparing for "Christabend 1885" (Christmas Eve 1885, see lower left margin). Together with Carl Spitzweg's "Siesta (Der Sultan)" the artist leads an impressive series of works from the Munich School.

Along with works by Gabriel Cornelius von Max, Franz von Lenbach and Heinrich von Zügel, it is especially Eduard von Grützner with a monk looking at life through a wine glass that is worthwhile mentioning. This motif is quite characteristic of his œuvre, "Die Weinprobe" from 1906 is estimated at € 18.000-24.000. The Darmstadt native Karl Raupp is represented with three works, his top lot is the "Heimkehr des verwundeten Soldaten" (estimate: € 10.000-15.000). His love for Southern German landscapes had vital influence on his art and even earned him the sobriquet "Chiemsee-Raupp".

In the section of Drawings and Watercolors it is Adolph von Menzel with his "Porträt eines Mannes" (estimate: € 9.000-12.000) and Edme Bouchardon and his red chalk drawing "Kind mit zwei Tauben (Studie)" (estimate: € 5.000-7.000) who fly the flag. With his "Begegnung am Wegesrand" (estimate: € 9.000-12.000) Wilhelm von Kobell created an atmospheric idyll that matches that of Salomon Corrodi's "Abendstimmung am Lago Maggiore" (estimate: € 6.000-8.000).

Honoré Daumier
A Travers les Ateliers
Lithograph, 1862
25,1 x 21 cm (9.8 x 8.2 in)
€ 9.000-12.000
The section of French Graphic Art is generously equipped with and led by Honor&ecute; Daumier's lithograph "A Travers les Ateliers" from 1862 estimated with € 9.000-12.000. The title and the caption "I'll be jiggered! … Awesome! … Terrific! … Lovely! … That’s appealing!" underline the reaction of the six men, who could be, among others, the artist himself, his friend, the landscape painter and lithographer Jules Dupr&ecute;, as well as the painter Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot. The art lovers' different reactions, ranging from skepticism to euphoria, emphasize the subjective reception of art in a humorous manner.

Ferdinand Max Bredt
In Gedanken
Oil on wood, 1920
48 x 37,6 cm (18.8 x 14.8 in)
€ 5.000-7.000

Next to 17 further works by Honor&ecute; Daumier and eight works by Eugène Delacroix, whose "M&ecute;phistoph&ecute;lès dans les airs" (estimate: € 1.500-2.000) will definitely make for some excitement, the range of offerings is topped off by Th&ecute;odore G&ecute;ricault's "Mameluck d&ecute;fendant un trompette bless&ecute;" (estimate: € 3.000-4.500).

And the ladies don't come off badly either: While Ferdinand Max Bredt's oil painting of a contemplating beauty (estimate: € 5.000-7.000) marks the transition to Modernism, the Old Masters have a lovely Italian "Madonna mit Kind" (estimate: € 12.000-16.000) as well as the "Porträt der Maria Jacobäa von Baden, Ehefrau von Wilhelm IV von Bayern" by Hans I Schöpfer (estimate: € 7.000-8.000) to offer.

Finally, the section of Old Graphic Art puts forward works by Heinrich Aldegrever, Hendrik Goltzius, Giovanni Piranesi and Harmensz. Rembrandt van Rijn as well as Albrecht Dürer's engraving "Melancolia I", art history’s most discussed work. All in all Dürer is represented with almost a dozen works.

01-03 November Ketterer Kunst Holstenwall 5 Hamburg (selected works)
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13-14 November Ketterer Kunst Malkastenstr. 11 Dusseldorf (selected works)
17-22 November Ketterer Kunst Joseph-Wild-Str. 18 Munich-Riem (all works)

Auction: 23 Nov, 2 p. m., Old Masters & Art from the 19th Century in Munich
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