Variety and Quality Determine June Auctions
Expressionism, Zero and the Contemporaries

Max Pechstein
Bildnis Charlotte Cuhrt (detail)
Oil on canvas, 1910 (68.8 x 33.4 in)
Estimate: € 400,000-500,000

Munich, 04 May, 2015, (kk) - The best investment is the one that brings the most joy. Could there possibly be any better way to invest money than into high quality art? Ketterer Kunst offers absolute top lots in its auctions in Munich from 11 to 13 June.

1) Modern Classics
2) Post War Art
3) Contemporary Art

on 1) Modern Classics

This section is led by two works by Max Pechstein. While the portrait "Bildnis Charlotte Cuhrt" (estimate: € 400,000-500,000) originates from his progressive "Brücke" era, the peak of his artistic development, the expressive figure composition "Im Freien" (estimate: € 300.000-400.000) was made a decade later. This composition gains its expressive strength from the sharp contour which dominates and structures the canvas. The group of three, staged in lucent colors, shows a strong connection in both formal terms as well as with regards to content. The masterly rendered combination of figures and a landscape characterized by tides brings forth a both enthralling as well as expansive composition.

Besides two works by Alexej von Jawlensky ("Untitled, fragment ("Stillleben mit grünem Reiter")", estimate: € 350,000-450,000 and "Teller mit Äpfeln (Äpfelstillleben)", estimate: € 140,000-180,000) Gabriele Münter's "Blaue Blume (Narzissen mit Zinerarie") from 1912 is among the top lots in this section. Just as it was the case with her oil painting "Der blaue Berg", sold in autumn 2014 for € 825,000, this important still life also originates from her early period of creation which was of decisive meaning for her entire artistic life. This painting will enter the race with an estimate of € 180,000-240,000..

Next to Egon Schiele's pencil drawing "Liegender Akt mit erhobenen Beinen" (estimate: € 80,000-120,000) executed in a fine line in 1912, the harsh charm of two oil paintings by Karl Hofer from 1943, each estimated at € 100,000-150,000, is particularly captivating. Both his work "Drei Mädchen" as well as the "Porträt von zwei Frauen", which fascinates the observer with its neatly accentuated coloring, deliver proof of the artist's mastery in illustrating people and their mental state.

While Dorothea Maetzel-Johannsen's oil painting "Überredung" (estimate: € 60,000-80,000) is a prime example of her expressive choice of colors, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner's woodcut "Maler und Modell - Dichter und Weib" (estimate: € 80,000-100,000) shows the traditional allegory of the inspiration of a female muse that makes the artist a creator.

Further impressive works in this section are Christian Rohlf's tempera work "Sängerin I" (estimate: € 70,000-90,000), Emil Nolde's watercolor "Weiße Lilien und Dahlien" (estimate: € 100,000-120,000) and Paul Klee's "Zeichnung zum gelben Hafen", as well as works by Ernst Barlach, Edward Cucuel, Conrad Felixmüller, Georg Kolbe, Leo Putz and Kurt Schwitters.

Lucio Fontana
Concetto spaziale, Attesa. 1960
Emulsion paint on canvas, partly rebacked with gauze
81 x 65 cm (31.8 x 25.5 in)
Estimate: € 800.000-1.200.000
on 2) Post War Art
The range of offerings in this section is led by a work by Lucio Fontana, who began to make art history with his famous slit canvasses in the late 1950s. His "Concetto spaziale, Attesa" from 1960 counts among these early creations by the artist which are both sought-after on the international art market, as well as highlights in renowned public collections world-wide. It will enter the bidding race with an estimate of € 800,000-1,200,000.

After last year's world record- and top hammer prices, this section is more than ever characterized by ZERO art this spring (please see separate media release). Some 60 works by the glorious triad Heinz Mack, Otto Piene and Günther Uecker alone will be called up.

The latter is represented with almost a dozen works carrying estimates in six-digit realms. Next to a work from 1989 (estimate: € 220,000-260,000), particularly captivating for its rhythmic dynamics, the array is led by the two works "Hommage à Paul Scheerbart ("Scheerbartwesen")" and "Reihung weiß", both estimated at € 300,000-400,000.

While Otto Piene is represented with around 20 lot numbers, among them his creation of oil, fire, smoke and pigment on canvas "Green Fire Flower" from 1963 (estimate: € 80,000-120,000), hearts of lovers of Heinz Mack's art will beat faster for four relief works from the 1960s with estimates between € 50,000 and € 80,000. In total he is also represented with more than 20 works.

Next to further big German ZERO names like Adolf Luther and Herbert Zangs, international artists such as Johannes Jan Schoonhoven and Enrico Castellani also make important contributions. While the Dutchman created more than just a meditative moment with his large-size "Relief 72-73-M-14" from 1973 (estimate: € 150,000-200,000, the relief "Superficie bianca" (estimate: € 200,000-300,000) by the Italian brings about an air of magic with its charming interplay of light and shade.

The range of offerings in this section is completed with works by, among others, such acclaimed artists like Willi Baumeister ("Mo", estimate: € 140,000-180,000), Günther Förg ("Washington Square II" (3 parts), estimate: € 150,000-250,000), Yves Klein ("Monochrome bleu (IKB 148)", estimate: € 100,000-150,000), Emil Schumacher ("Alf I", estimate: € 120,000-150,000) and Andy Warhol ("25 Cats name[d] Sam and one Blue Pussy", estimate: € 90,00-120,000).

Jonas Burgert
Potsdam-Zyklus Teil 2
Oil on canvas, 2006
190 x 200 cm (74.8 x 78.7 in)
Estimate: € 60.000-80.000
on 3) Contemporary Art
Introduced with its own catalog in autumn 2013 and much acknowledged in 2014, this section has become a constant in the program of Ketterer Kunst.

Alongside Chuck Close, whose large-size pigment print "Kate" (estimate: € 70,000-90,000) guarantees exciting bidding, Jonas Burgert, shooting star of contemporary figurative art, will enthuse both private collectors as well as international traders with his "Potsdam-Zyklus Teil 2". His oil painting from 2006 has been estimated at € 60,000-80,000.

Next to Carsten Höller's "A-Rad" (estimate: € 35,000-45,000), further top lots are Matthias Weischer's "Podest" (estimate: € 30,000-40,000) and an untitled mixed media work by Anselm Reyle with an estimate of € 45,000-55,000, as well as works by exciting artist such as Lynda Benglis, André Butzer, Karin Kneffel, Jonathan Meese, Dirk Skreber as well as Gert and Uwe Tobias.

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