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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner
Ins Meer Schreitender (Hans Gewecke), 1913.
Lithograph in colors
€ 100,000 - 150,000

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Ins Meer Schreitender (Hans Gewecke). 1913.
Lithograph in colors.
Inscribed "Sch I 241" by a hand other than that of the artist in the lower margin, with the estate stamp of the Kunstmuseum Basel (Lugt 1570 b), as well as the handwritten registration number "L 241" on the reverse. One of to date 6 known copies. On smooth wove paper. 59.5 x 51 cm (23.4 x 20 in). Sheet: 65 x 53 cm (25,5 x 20,8 in.).
Printed in four steps in black, red violet, blue and yellow by the artist's hand from the same stone. In the present work, Kirchner used Hans Gewecke, one of his students at the MUIM Institute, as model. Together with Werner Gothein, yet another student, Gewecke traveled with Kirchner and Erna from Berlin to Fehmarn in 1913. [JS].

• Rare print from Kirchner's important Berlin period, the heyday of Expressionism.
• In 1913, Kirchner had reached the pinnacle of his creativity: the famous works "Potsdamer Platz" and "Berliner Straßenszene" in an equally energetic brushwork were made the same year.
• He spent the summer months with friends on Fehmarn, a place of inspiration and creative tranquility.
• One of Kirchner's extremely rare large-size color prints.
• Very rare. Only one other hand-made print has ever been offered on the international auction market (source:
• Two of the 6 known works are museum-owned: Städel Museum, Frankfurt a. M., and Brücke Museum, Berlin.
• Part of a German private collection for 70 years

We are grateful to Prof. Dr. Günther Gercken for his kind support in cataloging this lot.

PROVENANCE: From the artist's estate (Davos 1938, Kunstmuseum Basel 1946, with the estate stamp on the reverse).
Stuttgart Kunstkabinett (around 1958)
Klipstein und Kornfeld, auction 110, Modern Art, Bern 1963.
Roman Norbert Ketterer Gallery, Campione/Italy (1964).
Private collection, Germany (acquired from the above in 1964)
Ever since family-owned.

EXHIBITION: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Württembergischer Kunstverein, Stuttgart 1956, cat. no. 80.
Brücke. Eine Künstlergemeinschaft des Expressionismus, Museum Folkwang, Essen October 12 - December 14, 1958, cat. no. 134 (not shown).
Meisterwerke des deutschen Expressionismus, Kunsthalle Bremen March 20 - May 1, 1960, Kunstverein Hanover May 15 - June 26, 1960, Wallraff-Richartz-Museum, Cologne, September 18 - November 20, 1960, cat. no. 95 (not shown).

LITERATURE: Günther Gercken, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner. Kritisches Werkverzeichnis der Druckgraphik, Vol. 3. (1912-1916), Bern 2015, no. 625 (illu.).
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Großstadtrausch Naturidyll. Kirchner - Die Berliner Jahre, Munich 2017, p. 164 (illu. of a different copy).

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Kirchner's rare color lithograph "Ins Meer Schreitender" was created during Kirchner's Berlin years in the heyday of German Expressionism. Alongside the works "Wettertannen" (1918) created in Switzerland, and the mystical "Wintermondnacht" (1919), it is one of Kirchner's greatest accomplishments in printmaking. In the Berlin years, however, it was not landscapes that Kirchner captured in just a few hand-made prints, as he was still fascinated by the human figure. A motif that Kirchner explored in 1913 in his famous Berlin paintings, as well as in works made during his summer trips to the Baltic Sea island of Fehmarn with Erna and his students Hans Gewecke and Werner Gothein. In terms of color and composition, "Ins Meer Schreitender" bears witness to Kirchner's artistic maturity, as well as to his extraordinary graphics. Based on Fehmarn studies, Kirchner executed the present large hand print in his Berlin studio in four successive working steps, as each color requires a single step. Kirchner placed the male nude in the landscape in a very dark violet, almost silhouetted against the light, thus creating a mystical atmosphere in front of a glowing golden sun. Kirchner elongated the nude striding into the sea to an extreme, stretching him out between earth and stars, framing his body with the highly abstracted, semi-circular coastline. Just as in the "Brücke" artists' joint drawing sessions at the Moritzburg Ponds in the group's early days, Kirchner's "Ins Meer Schreitender", made the year of the "Brücke"'s disbandment, also reflects the enthusiasm for a deeply felt unity of man and nature - a key aspect of Expressionist art. "Ins Meer Schreitender" combines the fascination with the informality and immediacy of the Dresden years with Kirchner's nervous, energetic flow characteristic of the Berlin period, as well as an emotionally charged, mystical landscape that would become typical of Kirchner's Swiss years. [JS]

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