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Evelina Reiter
Drama, 2022.
Oil on canvas
Gallery sale: € 7,200 / $ 7,920
Drama. 2022.
Oil on canvas.
200 x 160 cm (78.7 x 62.9 in).

2022 Weissensee Kunsthochschule Berlin, Diploma in painting/visual arts
2023 Student in the master class of Prof. Nader Ahriman
Artist Statement:
I regard everything that happens to me as material for my pictures - Berlin subway scenes, streets and the people I meet. As a figurative painter, I am constantly looking for new compositions and stimuli in my everyday life. For me, the pictures are an extension of my reality, they create a new level of visual, emotional and haptic experience. Using oil with pigment was not a random choice, I consciously chose to use a living material. The oil does not dry out, instead it crystallizes over time. The historical aspect of its use for centuries before I as a young woman and artist started using it, has a great significance for me. My subjects only form in my head after I've seen a lot of material, I take my personal experiences as a stimulus. I don't use photo or video material as support, but start to work directly on the canvas. The composition comes into being when I have an idea of the size or width of the space. The women in the pictures, who are strongly influenced or rather inspired by my own personality, also have to take up a lot of space in the picture. In my opinion, urban spaces are still not safe enough for women. The intention of the women's positions in my paintings is a clearly feminist one. So chic and at the same time wild and colorful, always on the move, is the city of Berlin in my eyes, which has been formative for my pictorial language and style over the years.

Exhibition for Peace and Solidarity 1, feldfünf, Fromet-und-Moses-Mendels-sohn-Platz 7-8, 10969, Berlin
Exhibition for Peace and Solidarity 2, Backhaus Projects, Weserstrasse 168, 12045, Berlin
Exhibition for Peace and Solidarity 3, Culterim Gallery, Kaiserdamm 102, 14057, Berlin
Final Exhibition: Yet Yet, Kühlhaus Berlin, Luckenwalderstrasse 3, 10963, Berlin
"Dear Diary” Culterim Gallery, Kaiserdamm 102, 14057, Berlin
Exhibition of Ahriman class: Passive Agressive, Sandra Bruegel Galerie, Berlin
Ich habe Spass, Haus of Tirree, Berlin
Frida Ortgies-Tonn & Evelina Reiter: Diametralis, Museum Kesselhaus Herz-
berge, Berlin
Exhibition of Ahriman class: -188+x(Balzac), Schloss Holdenstedt, Uelzen
Exhibition class of Döbereiner-Grözinger-Krecker-Krauss, Gestell,
Erratum Galerie, Berlin
St.Moritz Art Academy Foundation, workshop with Andreas Schulze
in St. Moritz, Switzerland

Evelina Reiter
Drama, 2022.
Oil on canvas
Gallery sale: € 7,200 / $ 7,920