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Hermann Stenner
Kaffeegarten am Ammersee, 1911.
Oil on canvas
€ 90,000 / $ 97,200
€ 228,600 / $ 246,888

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Kaffeegarten am Ammersee. 1911.
Oil on canvas.
Lower left signed and dated. With labels of the Städtische Kunsthalle Bielefeld and the Hofkunsthandlung Ludwig Schames, Stuttgart on the reverse, as well as with several numbers and inscriptions. 51 x 69 cm (20 x 27.1 in).
• The summer of 1911 is considered both pinnacle and conclusion of the early Impressionist phase of his work.
• This is one of the most successful paintings from his summer stay in Dießen am Ammersee.
• Stenner boldly combines Impressionist lightness and bright colors with concentrated surfaces

From the artist's estate.
Family ownership Stenner.
Elisabeth Korn geb. Stenner.
Hermann-Josef Bunte Collection, Hamburg/Bielefeld.

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"Last week I painted a very good picture. A beer garden by the lake with some guests."
Letter from Diessen dated August 22, 1911, probably the beer garden of the Gasthaus Summer in Utting on the shores of Lake Ammer.

Stenner spent the summer of 1911 painting with his fellow students in Dießen on Lake Ammer under the artistic guidance of Christian Landenberger. Since the 1870s, long before a railroad line was built from Munich to the lake in 1898, Lake Ammer had been a popular place for artists, attracting painters such as Rudolf Hirth du Frênes in Dießen and Wilhelm Leibl in Unterschondorf. Landenberger also ran a painting school there until 1905, and at the end of his studies with Landenberger, right before he joined Adolf Hölzel's composing class, Stenner reached a pinnacle in his development as a plein-air painter. From mid-June to the end of August in 1911, he created light-filled, luminous landscapes with increasingly free brushstrokes, such as the "Coffee Garden on Lake Ammersee" shown here.

However, Stenner first measured the vastness of the lake he was deeply impressed by. The "Ammersee Landschaft" shows almost only the water surface with a small strip of shoreline in blue in the foreground that turns brown further back, yellow-green water mixed with white-grey and red, impasto waves that foam up at the edges and guide the viewer's eye into the far distance of the foothills of the Alps with blue mountains in the background that turn purple on the far horizon. Stenner worked on Lake Ammer for more than a fortnight, painting impressions of poplars, curly silhouettes in front of the lakeshore, with a jetty for sailing boats bracing themselves against the sea wind, people relaxing on the shore and immersing themselves in the vastness of the landscape, a steamer running on schedule. And the painting "Kaffeegarten am Ammersee" was born.

This particularly appealing painting with its striking colors and charming composition probably was the last of the paintings made on the lake, as Stenner proudly reported home to Bielefeld on August 22, 1911: "Last week I painted a very good picture. A beer garden by the lake with some guests." (quoted from: Hans G. Gmelin, Hermann Stenner, Munich 1975, p. 28) Three women sitting at tables in blue and violet intertwine, as it were, the blue-violet color field of the beer garden in the foreground on the left with the green-blue surface of the lake in the background on the right. The heavy foliage of the three birch trees, graded from light green to blue, with the lady standing between them, contrasts with the blue and cream-red ground of the front part of the garden in right. The guests are just 'color carriers' that fit into the picture like staffage figures. In terms of color and with a fresh, purely painterly composition, this rather small picture is a magnificent masterpiece and a prime example of Stenner's plein-air painting. [MvL]

Hermann Stenner
Kaffeegarten am Ammersee, 1911.
Oil on canvas
€ 90,000 / $ 97,200
€ 228,600 / $ 246,888

(incl. surcharge)