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Lena Laguna Diel
Talk IV, 2021.
Mixed media
Starting bid: € 7,000 / $ 7,350
Talk IV. 2021.
Mixed media on two jointed canvasses.
Dimensions of left canvas: 180 x 80 cm (70.8 x 31.4 in). Dimensions of right canvas: 180 x 120 cm (70,9 x 47,2 in).
Total dimensions: 180 x 200 cm (70,8 x 78,7 in).

Statement by Meret Glausen on the art of Lena Laguna Diel:
One room, two chairs, two people. A seemingly simple situation. But Lena Laguna's paintings are anything but simple. The division alone throws us off course, and it seems as if the painting was rearranging before our eyes. As if the canvases and colored areas were constantly being regrouped, depending on which element of the picture we focus on. The picture consists of two canvases, which in turn are divided into several colored areas. The color fields extend beyond the borders of the canvases, just as the motifs transcend the borders of the color fields and canvases.

The longer we look at the picture, the softer and more permeable the boundaries between motif and color, representational and abstract become. The bodies depicted are clearly recognizable as such, but they function as pure, strong areas of color just as much as the space that surrounds them.

Dealing with motif and color, the merging of these two elements is also reflected in Diel's work process. The search for colors is just as important as the subject itself. Because the composition and the coordination of the colors creates an atmosphere in which the people in the picture interact. Diel carefully studies the composition and the colors, creates color palettes, tests how the colors act on the canvas, how they change in tone after drying. She notes how she found the individual shades and thus creates a unique inventory for her colors, their process of creation and their interaction.

Diel's work is characterized by the interplay between the big picture and the love and attention to detail. In the paintings, this becomes clear through the relationship between the painting that is visible to us and the color studies that remain hidden from us. By juxtaposing the paintings and the newly produced ceramics, which are now increasingly appearing in the artist's work, this leap into a different measure becomes tangible. The intimacy inherent in the works can be felt in both genres. This is how Diel captivates us and draw us under the spell of her work.

Master student exhibition, Städtische Galerie Fruchthalle Rastatt (D)
Regionale 23, Homes, Kunsthaus Baselland, Basel (CH)
alazzina #15, Basel (CH)
Art auction for the support of Ukraine, Laube, Karlsruhe (D)
Zwei Gründe nach A zu reisen, Paradoxon, Heidelberg (D)
Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe annual exhibition (D)
Nicht küssen nicht hauen, Festhalle, Durlach (D)
Warteraum Selva de Mar, Luis Leu, Karlsruhe (D)
Ahoi Ahoi, Basel (CH)
AIO, Orgel Fabrik, Durlach, (D)
"2020", Orgel Fabrik, Durlach, (D)
WEST SOUTH, Galerie Knecht and Breaster, (D)
Last Minute, Kalinowski Raum, (D)
Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe annual exhibition (D)
It´s my turn to drive, Kalinowskiraum, Karlsruhe (D)
Academy of Fine Arts Karlsruhe, annual exhibition (D)
Sing a song on desk, EASD, Girona (SP)
Sing a song on desk, ERAM, Girona (SP)
Sing a song on desk, Center cultural La Mercè, Girona (SP)
1m de Reality, Olot (SP)
2015 Bòlit Center Contemporani d´Art, Girona (SP)

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Lena Laguna Diel
Talk IV, 2021.
Mixed media
Starting bid: € 7,000 / $ 7,350