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T. Parmeggiani Tancredi

T. Parmeggiani Tancredi

*  1927
† 1964

In 1927 Tancredi Parmeggiani was born in Feltre, as of 1946 he studied painting at the Accademia di belle arti in Venice. During these days he met Emilio Vedova, who would become a good friend of his. In 1951 Tancredi Parmeggiani settled in Venice and met Peggy Guggenheim who provided him with a studio. In 1954 he showed his works in her palace. Along with Mario Deluigi and Lucio Fontana, Tancredi Parmeggiani counts among the most important representatives of the Spazialismo, a conception of art that Fontana had developed and in which he saw a new spatial concept of technology and science as the basis for contemporary art. Tancredi Parmeggiani was likewise convinced that the image surface had to cross the boundaries of two-dimensionality in order to open up new dimensions through color and time and to find new artistic solutions. In 1954 the Kunsthalle Bern organized an exhibition titled "Tendances actuelles". Next to Tancredi Parmeggiani, acclaimed artists like Georges Matthieu, Jackson Pollock, Wols (Alfred Otto Wolfgang Schulze) and others also participated in the exhibition. Numerous further exhibitions in Italy, London, Paris and New York honored the artist's achievements. In 1964 he took part in the Venice Biennial. In September the same year Tancredi Parmeggiani committed suicide in Rome.