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Aldo Rossi

Aldo Rossi

*  1931 Mailand
† 1997 Mailand

The Italian architect and designer Aldo Rossi was one of the most distinguished exponents of Postmodernism. In 1990 he was the first Italian to have been awarded the prestigious Pritzker Prize for architecture. Aldo Rossi studied architecture from 1949 until 1959 at Milan Polytechnic. White still a student, Rossi wrote for the journal "Il Contemporaneo" and the architecture journal "Casabella Continuità", of which he was editor from 1960 until 1964. In 1966 Aldo Rossi published his book on urban architecture, "L'architettura della città", which is widely acclaimed. Between 1965 and 1971 Aldo Rossi taguht at Milan Polytechnic, becoming a professor there in 1966. From 1972 until 1975 he taught at the ETH in Zurich. With Luca Meda, Aldo Rossi was in charge of organizing the 13th Milan Triennale in 1964. In 1973 Aldo Rossi organized the 15th Triennale and it was there that he attempted to rehabilitate the rationalist architecture favored by the Fascists. As Aldo Rossi saw it, the formal language, materials, and structures of that school of architecture should be made available to Postmodernism. Even Aldo Rossi's early building projects are distinguished by the reduced, clear formal language for which he is famous. From 1968 until 1973 Aldo Rossi worked on designing the Gallaterese residential settlement in Milan and designed the "Teatro del Mondo" in Venice in 1979. In 1988 Aldo Rossi won the competition to design the History Museum in Berlin but the museum has not been built. Between 1992 and 1995, Aldo Rossi built the Bonnefanten Museum in Maastricht. In the 1990s, Aldo Rossi submitted plans for several buildings for Leipziger Platz in Berlin but his unexpected death in 1997 prevented most of them from being realized. Aldo Rossi also made a name for himself as a designer of appliances and furnishings. For Alessi he designed numerous objects, including the "La Conica" (1984) and "La Cupola" (1989) espresso machines. The "Prometeo" table lamp (1988) was another Aldo Rossi design for Alessi. That same year Aldo Rossi designed "Milano", a superlatively elegant chair available in either cherry or oak. In 1989 Aldo Rossi designed the "Parigi" armchair for Unifor.