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Antoine de Pluvinel

Antoine de Pluvinel

*  1555
† 1620

Antoine de Pluvinel was born in Crest, Dauphiné, France, in 1555. He is the author of the book "Le Manége Royal." He was educated at the Neapolitan riding school under Giovanni Pignatelli, who is known for his strict, forceful methods using an extremely sharp bit, establishing the Italian style of horse-breaking. Pluvinel is considered one of the most important proponents of non-violent horse-breaking methods. He saw the advantages of understanding the character of the horse and thereby motivating the animal's cooperation through patience and praise. These methods also promote the efficiency and life expectancy of the horse. On account of curiosity for his new methods, he advanced as the riding instructor of King Louis XIII of France. He also invented the pilar. Pluvinal died on August 24, 1620, in Paris.