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Sebastian Münster

Sebastian Münster

*  1489 Ingelheim
† 1552 Basel

The theologist and cosmographer Sebastian Münster was born in Ingelheim in 1489. In 1505 Münster studied philosophy and theology at the University of the Franciscan fraternity in Heidelberg. Münster continued his training in Löwen at a later date. From 1514 to 1518 he was a lecturer of philosophy and theology at his fraternity´s university where he spent time on astronomical-mathematical and geographical studies. Münster worked in Heidelberg from 1521 to 1529 and published many Hebrew writings. The theologist became a member of the Reformation in 1529. Münster started to teach the Hebrew language at the University of Basel. Some time later he married a bookprinter´s widow. Since then Münster´s stepson published most of his books. Ultimately in 1534/35 Münster published his main work on Hebrew language: an edition of the Old Testament (Biblia Hebraica) in two volumes, with a Latin translation and notes. Münster died in Basel in 1552.