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Basilius Besler

Basilius Besler

*  1591 Wöhrd
† 1629

Basilius Besler lived from 1591 to 1629. Besler was a pharmacist in Nuremberg and, during the reign of Bishop Joh. Conrad von Gemmingen (ca. 1561-1612), keeper of the episcopal garden in Eichstätt. In 1586 Besler took over the pharmacy Apotheke am Heumarkt in Nuremberg. The Bishop of Eichstätt assigned him to create a botanical garden on the premises of the castle Willibaldsburg in 1597. Besler compiled an explanatory work about the gardens that included 1086 plant illustrations on 367 copperplates mostly depicted in real size. The copperplates were engraved by W. Kilian, R. Custos, Fr. Von Hulsen et al., after Besler's drawings. Besler was posthumously honoured by C. Plumier who named a climbing plant Besleria.