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Titus Livius

Titus Livius

*  59 v. Chr. Patavium
† 17 n. Chr. Patavium (Padua)

Titus Livius (known as Livy) was born in 59 B.C.E. in Patavium (present-day Padua); he died there in 17 B.C.E. Livy spent the greater part of his life in Rome. After his scientific education, he became the teacher of the future emperor Claudius. He was not politically active, which sets him apart from other Roman writers of history such as Sallust or Tacitus. Because of his low profile, little is known about his life. Only books 1-10 (753-293 B.C.E.) and 21-45 (218-167 B.C.E.) remain of the total of 142 books of Livy's history of Rome "Ab urbe condita" ("From the founding of the city"), his only known work. The actual scope of the work, which originally stretched into the 9th century B.C.E. (the death of Drusus), is known only by statements on the contents (periochae), excerpts, and fragments.