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Leonhart Fuchs

Leonhart Fuchs

*  1501 Wemding
† 1566 Tübingen

Leonhart Fuchs was born on January 17, 1501, in Wemding, Swabia. Fuchs studied at the Marienschule in Erfurt. In 1524, he received his doctorate in medicine at the University of Ingolstadt and in 1526 became a professor there. From 1535 to 1566, he was a professor at the university in Tübingen. Along with Bock and Brunfels, he is one of the three so-called "Fathers of Botany." He tried to find the medicinal plants recommended by the ancient Greeks among the local flora and thereby developed the principles of modern botany as a science of detailed comparisons of plants in different locations. Leonhart Fuchs composed over 50 books and polemical papers. He died in Tübingen on May 10, 1566.