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Johannes Gerson

Johannes Gerson

*  1363 Gerson
† 1420 Lyon

Jean Charlier de Gerson was born on December 14, 1363, in Gerson-lès-Barby near Rethel, France. Beginning in 1377, Gerson was a student of Pierre d'Ailly at Navarra College in Paris. In 1392, the scholar received his doctorate in theology and in 1395 succeeded d'Ailly as the chancellor of the university in Paris. Gerson advocated moderate reforms within the church. After the end of the council in Constance in 1418, Gerson had to flee the machinations of the Duke of Burgundy. He fled first to Rattenberg am Inn and later moved to Melk on the Danube. Gerson died there on July 12, 1429.