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Eduard Bargheer

Eduard Bargheer

*  1901 Hamburg
† 1979 Hamburg

Eduard Bargheer was born on December 25, 1901, in Finkenkrug near Hamburg. Besides his training as a Volksschule teacher, Bargheer began his artistic training at the school of applied arts in Hamburg-Lerchenfeld. In 1924, he continued his education at the Gerda Koppel art school in 1924, eventually deciding to become a professional painter. Bargheer's early works are very influenced by Expressionism. He became a member of the Hamburg Secession in 1929. He then visited the Italian island Ischia in 1935, moving there four years later. Also in 1935, Bargheer visited the painter Paul Klee in Bern. Bargheer's paintings became more abstract but also more friendly and warm in palette due to his new surroundings. In 1950, he returned to Germany. The Kestner Society in Hamburg produced the first extensive retrospective on Bargheer's works in 1953. The artist worked as a guest lecturer at the Academy for Visual Arts in Hamburg in 1957 and as a professor at the Academy of Arts Berlin in 1963. In 1955 and 1959, Bargheer participated in the documenta exhibition. Bargheer died on July 1, 1979, in his house in Hamburg-Blankenese.