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Georg Muche

Georg Muche

*  1895 Querfurt
† 1987 Lindau

Georg Muche was born in Querfurt (Saxony) in 1895. From 1913 he attended the private school for painting and printmaking run in Munich by Paul Weinhold and Felix Eisengräber. Since Georg Muche failed the entrance examination for the Royal Bavarian Fine Arts Academy in Munich, he decided to move to Paris but the outbreak of the First World War in 1914 prevented his doing so. Instead, Georg Muche went to Berlin, where he came into contact with the Expressionist artists associated with "Der Sturm", the gallery owned by Herwarth Walden. In 1916 the gallery showed twenty-two pictures of Muche's at its 37th show, entitled "Max Ernst - Georg Muche". That exhibition was followed by "Paul Klee - Georg Muche", featuring thirty works by Muche, and by "Alexander Archipenko - Georg Muche" in 1918. Muche also taught painting at the art school operated by "Der Sturm".
From 1920 to 1927 Georg Muche was a master at the Bauhaus, where he taught several preliminary courses. From 1921 he was form master for weaving. In 1923 Georg Muche headed the committee that organized the Bauhaus exhibition. From 1927 until 1930 Georg Muche taught at Johannes Itten's private art school in Berlin. Then he was professor of painting at the Breslau State Academy - until he was dismissed in 1933. Until 1938 Georg Muche taught in Berlin again, at the "Kunst und Werk" school. From 1939 until 1958 Georg Muche worked in Krefeld, teaching the master class in textile design at the engineering school there. In 1960 Georg Muche moved to Lindau on Lake Constance, where he freelanced as a painter and printmaker until he died in 1987.