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Johann Wilhelm Weinmann

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann

*  1683 Gardelegen
† 1741

Johann Wilhelm Weinmann (1683-1741), famous Regensburg pharmacist, probably had his training in Hamburg. In 1712, Weinmann bought the Regensburg pharmacy Mohren-Apotheke, which was quite neglected at that time, from P. C. Schoerer. During the plague epidemic in 1713 his pharmacy was used as a military pharmacy. In 1722 Weinmann became a member of the Äußere Rat of Regensburg and finally assessor of the urban court between 1733-1740. Weinmann published smaller works about Aloe, Cicuta aquatica as well as coffee and tulip trees in the Breslauische Sammlungen (Wroclaw collections) and a drug catalogue of his pharmacy. In 1722 the collection included more than 9000 plants. A special technique later called English color printing was used in a botanical book for the first time in this work.