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Jan Tschichold

Jan Tschichold

*  1902 Leipzig
† 1974 Locarno

Jan Tschichold was a leading German graphic designer who also exerted a strong influence on the Swiss school. The standard works he wrote on typography, "Die neue Typografie" (1928) and "Typografische Gestaltung" (1935), expound the fundamentals of modern typography. Between 1919 and 1921 Jan Tschichold studied graphic design in Leipzig at the Akademie for Grafische Künste and Buchgewerbe. Influenced by the new typography developed by the Bauhaus, Jan Tschichold started using it and developed it further. In 1925 Jan Tschichold presented his theses on the most important approaches to the new typographic design in a special issue of "typographische mitteilungen" entitled "elementare typographie". From 1923 Jan Tschichold worked for publishing houses, including Insel Verlag, as a freelance graphic artist. From 1926 until 1933, Jan Tschichold taught typography at Paul Renner's Master Classes for Book Printers in Munich. In 1933 Jan Tschichold emigrated to Switzerland, where he taught at the Applied Arts School in Basel and designed for Swiss and German publishing houses. In 1946 Jan Tschichold went to London, where he was art director at Penguin Books until 1949. He returned to Switzerland in 1950. From 1955 until 1967, Jan Tschichold was a design consultant for the pharmaceutical company Hoffmann-La Roche.