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F. von Schiller

F. von Schiller

*  1759 Marbach am Neckar
† 1805 Weimar

On 10 November 1759 Johann Christoph Friedrich Schiller was born as the second son of a lieutenant in Marbach. As early as at the age of 13 Schiller wrote his first tragedies. His duke forced him to attend the military academy in 1773 where he first studied law and later medicine. In 1782 Schiller's play "The Robbers" was staged with great success in Mannheim for the first time. Schiller finished his work "Kabale und Liebe" in 1783. In 1785 Schiller, who was in a poor financial state back then, left Mannheim and over a period of two years and many detours arrived in Weimar. In 1788 he had his first encounter with Goethe. In 1789 Schiller became professor of philosophy at the University of Jena. It was on his way to the theater in 1805 that he met Goethe for the last time. Friedrich Schiller died on the aftereffects of pneumonia in Weimar on 9 May, 1805.