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Charles-Francois Daubigny

Charles-Francois Daubigny

*  1817 Paris
† 1878 Paris

Charles Francois Daubigny was born in Paris on 15 February 1817. The artist learned to paint with his father, the painter of landscapes Edme-Francois Daubigny, and Paul Delaroches. The artist regularly took part in exhibitions since 1843. Daubigny had contacts to the school of Barbizon without deepening these contacts more closely. Daubigny strove for an unveiled and direct image of nature. In 1852 he met Jean Baptiste Camille Corot in Cremien (Dauphine). They stayed friends forever. In 1865 he spent the summer with Gustave Cuorbet, Eugène Boudin and the young Claude Monet in Trouville. Since then his paintings became easier and more independent. Charles Francois Daubigny died in Paris on 19 February 1878.