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George Carwardine

George Carwardine

*  1887 Großbitannien
† 1947 Großbitannien

The name of the car designer George Carwardine is indissolubly linked with the success story of the "Anglepoise" lamp, based on an ingenious principle for ensuring the adjustability of the lamp arm that is still in use today. George Carwardine developed an adjustable lamp arm for the "Anglepoise" work lamp around 1930, a new construction which he patented in 1932. The lampshade is attached to a long arm with two joints. Equilibrium of the arm in all positions is achieved by springs that work on the principle of the human arm muscles to equalize countervailing forces. The entire lamp can be adjusted to any position to produce a source of light as needed. Large batches of George Carwardine's "Anglepoise" lamp were long produced in various models by the English firm of Herbert Terry & Sons in Redditch. The "Anglepoise" became a worldwide hit in 1937 when production rights were ceded to the Norwegian engineer Jacob Jacobsen, who at first obtained a licence from George Carwardine and Terry & Sons for the Scandinavian countries and later for all of Europe and the US. Jacob Jacobsen varied the George Carwardine designed and produced the lamp as the "Luxo L-1". Since 1993 Tecta has produced a remake of the original George Carwardine "Anglepoise" lamp as the "L 10".