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Henri Pichette

Henri Pichette

*  1924
† 2000

The French dramatist, author, and poet Henri Pichette was born on January 26, 1924, in Chataeuroux. He composed his first poems in 1943. The next year, he took part in the liberation of Marseille. During his time in Germany and Austria as a war correspondent in 1945, he began his "Apoemes." His friends Antonin Artaud, Max-Pol Fouchet, and Paul Eluard supported the publishing of his first poems in "L'Eternelle Revue." Gerard Philipe and Maria Casares staged his play "Les Epiphanies" in 1947. His second piece "Nuclea" was produced in cooperation with Alexander Calder, Gerard Philipe, and Jeanne Moreau. He began to politicize his poetry in 1952. After a sojourn in Quebec, he began work on new versions of his dramas "Les Epihanies" and "Nuclea". Pichette also published numerous articles in periodicals, including "Les Lettres françaises," "Esprit," and "Mercure de Françe." His "Odes à chacun" was published by Gallimard. Henri Pichette died on October 30, 2000.