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Jacob Elias Poritzky

Jacob Elias Poritzky

*  1876 Lomza
† 1935 Berlin

The author Jakob Elias Poritzky was born on January 13, 1876, in Lomza, Poland. He moved with his parents to Karlsruhe, Germany at a young age. He first studied business, though his enthusiasm was reserved for acting. He therefore went to Paris and Frankfurt am Main and began studying drama. Poritzky moved to Berlin in 1894, studying philosophy in 1897. From that time on, he devoted himself to literary and essayistic writing. From 1915 to 1916, he was the head director and dramatic advisor of the Baden State Theater in Karlsruhe. Poritzky acted as the literary director of the Dreimasken Publishing House in Berlin. He left behind numerous literary and cultural-historical works, fantastical novels and dramas. Poritzky died on February 1, 1935, in Berlin.